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If you are looking for some amazing places to take photographs, here are some of my top suggestions!

  1. A beach or coastline – Whether it’s a sunset or sunrise, the beach offers beautiful scenery and lighting for photos.

  2. A park or garden – Parks and gardens provide a great backdrop for any photo shoot, with lush foliage and vibrant colors.

  3. A cityscape – Take a trip to the city and capture the hustle and bustle of urban life.

  4. A mountain – A mountain top is a dramatic setting for photography, with its stunning views and dramatic landscapes.

  5. Historical sites - These can be ruins of a historical place or a well kept historical homestead.

  6. A forest – The natural beauty of a forest provides a great setting for photos, with its tall trees and dappled sunlight.

  7. A lake or river – Lakes and rivers provide a peaceful backdrop for photography, with their still, reflective waters.

  8. Private properties - Don't underestimate the beauty in your own (or a friends) backyard! Private properties can make gorgeous photos as well,

Below are a list of places I have done sessions at before as well as some sample photos!

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