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Can I bring my dog?

One of my all time favourite questions a client can ask me is “Can I bring my dog?”… ABSOLUTELY!!!

Bring any and all of your animals! I LOVE photographing clients with their pets for so many reasons. The first and most obvious is that I love animals and they are so cute! Secondly, it is so important to have photos of you WITH your fur babies and not just OF your fur babies! Third, they add a fun new dimension to the photos. Lastly, they (most often!) help people relax during photos.

Some tips to bringing your pet to your session!

1. Grooming.

If you take your dog to a groomer on a regular basis then this is perfect – make sure to book your session closely after your dog has been to the groomer! Just like you they want to look clean and tidy for their session! If you don’t take your dog to the groomer regularly, no worries! Just try to give them a quick brush and keep them out of thick mud shortly before your session!

2. Accessories.

Don’t get too hung up on accessories for your dog. If you have a nice bandanna that you want to use instead of a collar or a “pretty” collar instead of a chain those are great ideas but try not to focus on little accessories because they often fall off, don’t sit “perfectly” for pictures and they are rarely the main focus of the photo.

3. Handling.

Try not to excite your dog too much before your session. If walking calms them try to arrive early enough to go for a quick walk so, they can explore the area and get all the excitement out. If they have a favourite toy or treat that they respond well to, bring that with you. Most times it is best to have the photographer hold the treats and direct the dog, that way they are focusing on the camera and looking toward the photographer. It is also a good idea to have a friend or family member plan to meet you half way through your session to take your dog so that you have the opportunity to get photos without the dog without worrying about keeping them insight but out of shoots.

4. Expectations.

It is important to know your animal and have realistic expectations about how your dog with behave during photos. As a photographer I will do EVERYTHING I can to capture those perfect moments but when we incorporate an animal there are certain things I can not control. If posed photos are not going over well, we will switch to more interactive shots (walking the dog, playing a game, kisses, etc) this way the empathizes doesn’t need to be on the dog focusing on the camera and allows for a little more movement and less focus from the dog. If you feel like your dog isn’t being as cooperative as you would like try not to stress as it tends to heighten their behaviours, talk to your photographer and if they say the photos are turning out, trust them!


If you have your dog come for the end portion of your session, once you get all the nice posed photos the photographer wants then HAVE FUN! Sit on the ground! Roll around in the mud! Let your dog jump up and lick your face! Capture some of those fun “everyday” moments.

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